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We believe we offer one of the largest selections of rosemary plants available for sale in the UK. Our rosemaries are supplied as well-grown plants in 9cm pots.

Carriage is £6.50 on all online orders.

We are sorry but we've sold out of rosemaries for now!

As the new season's rosemaries become available during the next few weeks we will be adding more to this page. If you would like to reserve any rosemaries or collections please use our contact form.


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Chefs' Choice

Rosemary for cooking

Our choice of three different flavoursome culinary rosemaries!


Buy rosemary for cooking

Grow Low

Prostrate Rosemary Plants

Three different prostrate and/or trailing rosemaries of our choice.


Buy Prostrate Rosemary

Really Rare

Rare Rosemary Plants

Three rare rosemaries propagated from our National Collection.
(one per customer)


Buy Rare Rosemary

Hedging per metre

Rosemary hedging

Pack of 5 upright rosemary plants sufficient to plant one metre of hedge.


Buy Hedging Rosemary


Rosemary Arp

One of the hardiest rosemaries with a great taste, too! Makes a medium-sized bushy plant.

h: 90cm   s: 60cm


Buy Rosemary Arp

Blue Lagoon

Rosmary Blue Lagoon

Possibly the darkest blue-flowered rosemary. Forms a dense low-growing bush. One of the best!

h: 50cm   s: 80cm


Buy Rosemary Blue Lagoon

Blue Rain

Trailing rosemary Blue Rain

An ideal rosemary for trailing over low walls or to drape down the sides of a pot.

h: 30cm   s: 120cm


Buy Rosemary Blue Rain

Green Ginger

Green Ginger rosemary

Our best-selling culinary rosemary. Pale-flowered with golden green foliage and a distinct ginger scent and flavour.

h: 100cm   s: 70cm


Buy Green Ginger Rosemary


Rosemary Arp

One of the hardiest rosemaries with a great taste, too! Makes a medium-sized bushy plant.

h: 90cm   s: 60cm


Buy Rosemary Arp

Miss Jessopp's

Mis Jessopps Upright rosemary

Very upright growth form, pale blue flowers with a wide central white stripe. Ideal for the taller hedge.

h: 180cm   s: 100cm


Buy Rosemary Miss Jessopp's Upright


Common rosemary

Common rosemary. Excellent flavour and a robust garden plant. Makes a good hedge, too.

h: 180cm   s: 100cm


Buy Rosemary


Prostrate Rosemary

The original prostrate rosemary. Vigorous and excellent for cooking.

h: 50cm   s: 150cm


Buy Prostratus Group Rosemary


Rosemary Rex

Large leaves and a fine flavour make this rosemary a popular choice for the kitchen garden.

h: 100cm   s: 60cm


Buy Rosemary Rex

Rampant Boule

Rosemary Rampant Boule

The toughest of the trailing/ground-cover rosemaries. Vigorous and reputed to trail 2 metres! Excellent flavour.

h: 50cm   s: 150cm


Buy Rosemary Rampant Boule

Severn Sea

Rosemary Severn Sea

A popular rosemary with bright blue flowers. Arching stems. Great for pots.

h: 60cm   s: 90cm


Buy Rosemary Severn Sea / Seven Seas

var. albiflorus

rosemary trailing over wall

The classic white rosemary. We have only 10 of these available just starting to flower, too!

h: 120cm   s: 60cm


Buy Pink-flowered rosemary

Thank you for looking at our rosemaries.

If none of the above quite meet your requirements then please do contact us.

We have more than 100 varieties of rosemary in propagation, although quantities of most are limited.