How to grow rosemary

Rosemary is easy to grow, provided the plant has three things it will be happy and should flourish!

Picture of a bright sunny sky

Sun, sun, sun

Rosemary comes from the Mediterranean and is a true sun-worshipper!

Rosemary should get full sun throughout the day so, a south-facing site is best. 


Rosemaries can tolerate a little shade but will have fewer flowers and less frequent flowers.

A handful of good soil

Soil with good drainage

Rosemary must have well-drained soil. It hates the wet.

To test drainage dig a hole 25cm square by about 25cm deep and then pour in about 2 litres of water.  In well-drained soil the water should have gone after 15 minutes. 

If water remains longer than this you may be better to grow your rosemary in a pot.

Limestone rocks

Lime rich soil

The soils of rosemary’s native regions are limestone based.  

Rosemary will grow well provided the soil or compost is not too acidic.  If you do not know your soil’s pH then you can check it with a simple test kit.

Adding limestone chippings can help make the soil more alkaline and improves drainage!