We hope you will find our website a source of inspiration. Rosemary is a wonderful and versatile herb, which has fantastic flavour and smells divine. Bees and other pollinating insects love its nectar-rich flowers. Our collection of rosemaries is the largest in the UK containing more than 130 different cultivars.

We offer only true cultivars of rosemary. We raise all our plants using certified organic peat-free compost and biological controls.

Rosemary flowers can be of white, pink or many shades of blue. In addition, rosemary plants have several different growth forms:

  • cascading
  • prostrate
  • upright

Discover the best way to grow rosemaries, easy recipes and fascinating facts.

Enjoy our site and find the right rosemaries for your garden in our online shop.

Organic methods and Peat-free


We have more than 30 years experience of growing plants using organic methods with 12 of them on a commercial basis using Fertile Fibre's peat-free growing media.

We are suppliers to The National Trust as well as many well-known gardens open to the public.

Our aim is simple - to provide you with excellent environmentally-grown rosemary plants.

Our National Collection


In August 2012, we gained National Plant Collection® status for our collection of Rosemary cultivars.

We have produced this website to promote them and to offer some of our 130+ cultivars for sale online.

to read more about the


We are one of the handful of nurseries mentioned by Stephen Anderton (garden writer for The Times) in his book
'Discovering Welsh Gardens'

ITS A GREAT PLACE run by good people who know their stuff.

I love the way you pack your plants and the info sheet is a real help, I have recommended you to several people.

Your plants always look so healthy.
Too many to mention.

Most of the really lovely plants
I have come from them.

Very pleased I wasn't expecting such large and healthy specimens.