Organic and Environmental Rosemary

We hope you will find our website a source of inspiration. Rosemary is a wonderful and versatile herb, which has fantastic flavour and smells divine.
Bees and other pollinating insects love its nectar-rich flowers. 

Enjoy our site and find the right rosemaries for your garden in our online shop.

Our Nursery

Our plant nursery is a small one run by just two people.  About a third of the nursery is dedicated to rosemaries.  The National Collection has its own dedicated polytunnel and we use half of our largest tunnel for producing rosemaries for sale.

Located in west Wales, within sight of the sea, we have a generally mild climate with not too much rain.  Even so, the polytunnels are needed to provide shelter from the worst of the winter wet!

Some of the original collection are growing outdoors.  These large plants provide most of the cuttings we use to propagate rosemaries.  Every year we take more than 1000 cuttings just to preserve the National Collection!

Organic methods

We produce all our plants using organic methods and have more than 30 years’ experience growing organically.  However, we must make it clear that our plants are not certified organic. 

This is for two main reasons:

Environmental Statement

The Rosemary Specialist uses peat-free Soil Association certified composts from Fertile Fibre, biological controls and electricity from our own solar topped up by genuine renewable electricity from Good Energy.

All materials are re-used or recycled where possible and this includes much of the nursery plastics.  Stationery and packaging items are made from recycled/recyclable materials and all timber used is from FSC sources or, occasionally, PEFC. 

The land around the nursery is actively managed for wildlife.