Frequently asked questions

We get asked quite a few questions about rosemary and over the years there are some that come up more often than others.  So, check out the questions and answers below and if you still can’t find your answer do contact us.

Why do you sell only 9cm pots of rosemary?

Smaller rosemary plants establish faster and better than larger plants.  It also helps keep carriage costs reasonable.

Do you sell rosemary wedding favours?

Yes!  Rosemary is popular for wedding favours.  We sell the plants, or can sometimes supply sprigs, but we cannot guarantee rosemary will be in flower at the same time as your wedding!

Which rosemary has the best flavour?

Most rosemaries have an excellent flavour and are great for cooking.  How “hard” and where the rosemary is grown (its terroir) has more effect on flavour than the particular variety.  

Our Chefs’ Choice Collection is a good place to start for the best culinary varieties of rosemary.

What is the rarest rosemary you have?

To be honest, we don’t know.  Many of our rosemaries are not listed by the RHS Plant Finder.  Of some varieties, which we don’t disclose, we may have the only plants in existence! 

How hardy is rosemary?

Most upright rosemaries are hardy to -10℃, some to -15℃.  Prostrate and trailing rosemaries are less hardy.  Wet soil in winter kills more rosemary plants than cold, so do make sure the soil or pot is well-drained!