Buy Rosemary Plants

The Rosemary Specialist believes it has the largest range of rosemary plants for sale in the UK.  

All plants are supplied as well grown young plants (9cm pot size).  The plants are usually between 5 and 10cm high when dispatched.  We do not sell larger plants than this.

Carriage Charges

Our post and packing charges are calculated at checkout and are based on the number of rosemary plants purchased as follows:




for 1 to 5 plants

for 6 to 10 plants

for more than 10 plants

Update - posted 1 October 2023

It is now too late in the year to plant rosemaries in the ground.  The soil is cooling and rosemary does not like this.  

You can still plant in pots, which can be moved to shelter in colder weather (for example, a greenhouse or conservatory).

Please note, we do not sell large sizes of rosemary or trained forms such as balls, standards or pyramids.